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Complimentary Injury Assessments

Treatmet-ProgramThe “Complimentary Injury Assessment” is our “gem” program that was introduced 15 years ago. This service has assisted thousands of patients, without incurring long waits and high costs at the doctor’s office, to receive insight regarding their pathology, injury, and true wellness direction. The Injury Assessment by the Physical Therapist provides a person that has a pain, injury, or orthopedic complaint an opportunity to be assessed to determine the site, source, cause, and relative significance of your problem. The conclusion of the assessment process will include a care recommendation. Self-care or intervention by a healthcare professional will be suggested. We will assist in seeking further professional attention from a physician or surgeon that most ideally suits your specific pathology. Please allow 10-15 minutes of time for this. Our receptionist will assist in the manner of dress in order to extend our therapist ample access to the associated area. To schedule an Injury Assessment call (631) 665-9056


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