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Our Philosophy

Bright Bay Physical Therapy TeamAt Bright Bay Physical Therapy we pride ourselves on providing quality, individualized care to all patients. This is accomplished only through one-on-one time with your therapist. Following a comprehensive examination, an individualized, multi-faceted physical therapy program is developed. All treatment programs are personalized and based on the patient’s needs and goals. All of our treatments are designed to promote functional restoration and rapid return to all previous activities. We view each session as an opportunity to re-assess your case, get your feedback, and modify treatment as needed to optimize the results.

Comprehensive evaluations are performed by our skilled manually trained physical therapists, identifying the source of any dysfunctions, limitations, post-operative or post-injury. Personalized treatments are developed incorporating “hands-on’ manual therapy, therapeutic exercise and patient education. Factors including lifestyle, work, diet, and exercise habits that may be contributing to your injury are addressed. We believe this provides the best outcomes for our patients. We want to empower you to achieve optimal well-being!


Thank you for considering Bright Bay Physical Therapy as a partner in your health. Let us show you how our caring and attentive staff is different.

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